Successful match for customer about the long pleated filter cartridge
<< Back Successful match for customer about the long pleated filter cartridge

Our customer wants to buy 15pcs of long pleated filter cartridges.

But we don`t have the very same one and they could not send the original sample.

After one week researching, we finally confirmed one which might be suitable for them.

Fortunately, it works very well.

3 months ago, our Thailand customer inquired one long filter cartridge. Without adequate information,

we could not quote. However, customer insisted on a general quoting. So we had to do it.

2 months ago, this customer placed an order and we almost finished it. They suddenly told us to add 15pcs

of the long pleated filter cartridge as the above mentioned. And they could only provide the following information

which is still not enough. Cause we didn`t have the very same one. However their customer doesn`t want to stop

the machine. So we could not get the sample. We suggested customer to buy from their former supplier. However,

my customer said that they already signed the contract with the final user.

As there is a venturi which is conical, it`s really hard to find a perfect one. After denying 3 types of our own filters, we wanted

to give up again. But our customer still hope that we can help. We have to turn to other factories for help. Finally find one which

might be ok but we cannot ensure. Customer cofirmed it.

Two weeks ago, our customer received the filters and installed them. And fortunately they work very well!

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