Air Pollution Cause Serious Death In 2012
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By the year 2012, new findings reveal that around seven million people worldwide died as a result of air pollution. This means air pollution is the largest environmental risk when it comes to human health, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), whose data revealed the extent of the problem on Tuesday (March 25th).

Around every one-in-eight global deaths in 2012 was caused by exposure to air pollution, according to the new estimates, which is double previous data. WHO has highlighted that reducing air pollution will not only help to mitigate global warming, but could also save millions of lives around the world.

The new estimates revealed there is a stronger than previously thought link between indoor and outdoor forms of air pollution and heart diseases, including ischaemic heart disease and strokes. There is also a stronger link between exposure to air pollution and cancer, as well as respiratory illnesses, than was previously determined.

WHO has based these new estimations upon a greater understanding in terms of the types of diseases that are caused by air pollution, as well as a better way of assessing how humans are exposed to different forms of air pollution. This means scientists have been able to analyse health risks in a more detailed way and include information across a wider demographic.

In 2012, the largest air pollution burden was felt by countries in the WHO western Pacific and South-East Asia Regions. These areas experienced around 3.3 million deaths that were linked to indoor forms of air pollution and a further 2.6 million associated with outdoor air pollution.

Dr Flavia Bustreo, assistant director-general of Family, Women and Children's Health at WHO, said: “Cleaning up the air we breathe prevents noncommunicable diseases as well as reduces disease risks among women and vulnerable groups, including children and the elderly. Poor women and children pay a heavy price from indoor air pollution since they spend more time at home breathing in smoke and soot from leaky coal and wood cook stoves.

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