Thenow Air Purifier Business Department Opening Ceremony
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On 12nd March 2015, Thenow Air Purifier Business Department Opening Ceremony was held in Zhongshang Square, Shanghai. There are 80 guests on the spot to see the beginning of this special department, who are Thenow`s Director Mr Zhang, Expert team from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Design team from Korea, Marketing Team and many middle managers from Thenow.

Firstly,our Director Mr Zhang, who is also Apureda Group Chairman, delivered a grand speech. During the past ten years, our group APD has got many first awards in the industry of air compressor filter elements and lubricant. Based on those successful experiences and our practical plan for air purifier market, Mr Zhang believes that this new department will enjoy a splendid success.

Secondly, our manager Mrs Rena made a speech about how and why we get this project started. From signing cooperation agreement with Shanghai Jiaotong University to present product, this project is aiming at purifying the indoor air for people`s health. And we attach great importance to not only its quality but also its design and marketing strategy plan. Mrs Rena has a pure heart for improving our ambient air quality, which is also an important reason that we have great confidence in our career.

Then, Professor Mr Shangguan from Shanghai Jiaotong University introduced the product principle and technology advantages.

For Thenow Technologies Company, we are aiming at improving Chinese air quality of both the pollution source and indoor environment. For the pollution source, we are a sole agent of Nederman(Top 3 dust collection system providers) in Shanghai. We have a sales team to promote companies to control their dust release and other air pollutions. Besides, we also have a foreign sales team to sell air filters in abroad market to make profit as well as keep in line with foreign dedusting technologies. And at last we set up air purifier business department to help people breath much cleaner air in their surroundings.

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  • Beautiful office in downtown
  • Big and Clean office. Experiencing clean air.
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